Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt of having my own small farm. I grew up with sheep and horses and have always loved animals.

However, life doesn’t always move in the direction you think it will. I started working, and with working came moving. Not just small moves, but moving to different countries, so needless to say for quite awhile I was engulfed in my so-called career.
Things have now settled down, and it’s time for me to do what I always dreamt of. We finally moved to a place that is big enough to keep some animals, and is zoned for it. It’s not a big place, but big enough.

I spent a good half year researching breeders and bloodlines, and also deciding what kind of animals I really wanted. Finally I decided to talk to Barbara at Jager Farm and ended up getting two bred ewes from her. Deciding on Icelandics wasn’t a hard choice. When I grew up we had the old Norwegian Spaelsau and Ursau (yes I am Norwegian, and Norway is where I grew up), which are very similar to the Icelandics. It’s very hardy and resilient breeds.


Even with careful planning, sometimes things doesn’t go as planned, and so it was with the sheep venture. After the lambing was done and lambs were weaned, I had to give them up. The sessant bleating drove my husband and neighbours crazy. Little they know about living the good life 🙂 However one has to consider ones surroundings. I know exactly how annoying sounds can be sometimes. So the sheep went back to Jaeger Farm. Barb was very sweet to take them back, and we had no problems due to the fact that I was enrolled in the Scrapie program.

Now all I’m left with is the wool, which is great. I really like working with it. So most likely this site will end up more like a crafty blog of some sort, in addition to the chicks. I will probably start writing some posts as well.

If I continue to like the washing, carding and spinning, I will have to come up with another plan of having my own wool.