Almost seeding time

The ground is no longer covered in snow, and there are only some patches here and there left to melt.
I’m sitting here taking tally of all my seeds, and can see I was very optimistic when I did my seed order. Looks like I’ll have my hands full. There are also several new things that will be tested this year.
Veggies: carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, lettuce, tomato, fennel, celery
Herbs: Lemon balm, thyme, sage, marjoram, lavender, borage, dill, comfrey, wormwood, hyssop.
Flowers: sunflower

The aim this year is to grow mostly what I use for myself, and also for the goats. I’m going to try some grains this year, and see how that works out: barley, oats and also vetch, chicory and alfalfa in addition. The plan is to do it in patches.
I also have a new soil builder to try out, consisting of bell beans, field peas, common vetch and cayuse oats.

It’s all a huge experiment, and will be interesting to see how it turns out. My husband keeps reminding me: “you don’t have a big farm!!” I don’t, but doesn’t mean I can’t utilize every nook and cranny I have. šŸ™‚

Yesterday I finally caved in and ordered some chicks. Had been on the fence for the longest time on whether I wanted to add more poop scooping to the chores. The plan was to get both some layers and also some fryers. With the schedule being what it is, I ended up with only 6 layers from the local feed store. I have to think some more about the fryers as I need to plan “the set-up” of both ranging and .. well, you know what. Maybe later this year or next year.

The girls are getting to be really big, especially Smiley. She’s only about 3-4 weeks out now, so not much longer with a heavy load. She is so much bigger than the other two. I hope to god it’s several smaller ones. For a first timer I would have to see a huge singleton.
I got my birthing kit and clean towels bag ready to go. Don’t want any last minute “shoot I forgot that!!” in these cases. You gotta plan for worst case and hope you won’t need anything but the iodine for the navel cord.
The kidding pen is coming up either this weekend or next.

I hope to have the yarn very soon now. Apparently it’s finally done I’m told and ready to be shipped. I asked for confirmation when shipped last week when I paid final amount, but no word, which isn’t surprising considering how that whole experience has been. It’ll be very interesting to see what (and also how much) shows up eventually.
The only yarn I’ve got left right now is some black lace weight. The last skein of the black sport weight went to Tenerife/Spain, of all places, earlier this week. I’m still debating whether to continue international shipping or not. With the new shipping rates it hardly makes much sense, other than for bigger ticket items. Still on the fence on this though.

It’s getting close to barn chores time, and before that I need to fix something on the truck, so I better get to it. Was going to wait with the truck fix till tomorrow as it’s supposed to be sunny, but I want to be ready for an early start tomorrow morning. Why do tomorrow what can be done today!

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