Argentinian mini llamas

I am so very excited to have obtained these two magnificent mini llama males, Argentine Santiago and TFF Amore’ Magnifico. Santi is full Argentine and Amore’ is half Argentine.
The reason I decided to go with Argentinians after some research, is because of several things. Their fiber is extremely dense and fine, and they have coverage from “top to bottom”, i.e. tip of the ears to between their toes. The fiber is very consistent, and so most of it can be used. They have somewhat of a stocky build, compared to a regular llama. Their legs and feet are big. Their face is also a bit different, being a bit more triangular. All in all they are very athletic looking, you might say the bodybuilders of the llama world. 🙂 Then you have their personality, which is very sweet and mellow, and they are very intelligent. They look like teddy bears and have personality to go with it. I have fallen completely in love! Gorgeous animals in every way possible.
They have settled in very well, and get along great with the bucks.

Both Argentine Santiago and TFF Amore’ Magnifico are available for breeding here at the farm, and both are ILR registered.

And now, let me introduce…. (drum roll)

Argentine Santiago DOB 10-7-03 Height 37.2″
Argentine Sarmiento x Argentine Naranja
Argentine Santiago
Santi is close to perfection in my eyes, and as Gayle says: he just gets better with age. Handsome, mellow, good natured and very gentle and loving with the girls during breeding. He has a nice list of gorgeous quality cria to his credit. He is also wooly to the max. I can’t wait to shear him next year.

TFF Amore’ Magnifico DOB: 06-09-09 Height 37.5″
Kobra’s Argentine Toro x DLL Georgegirl
TFF Amore' Magnifico
I think his name says it all: superb coloring, very striking presence and a good natured young man. He competed at the 2010 Virginia Classic in both Miniature and Argentine divisions. He ribboned in both divisions and brought home 3rd in Top Five Argentine Males against the “Big Boys”. According to Gayle, there isn’t any fiber on this young man that isn’t totally exquisite, except of course his “skid plate”. There are shades of brown, taupe, grey, white and cream, and all so very soft. In addition his staple length is extraordinary. With tons of superior genetics, it doesn’t get much better than this. I’m waiting with anticipation for shearing day.
I still need to get some good pictures of him, to really show him off. He is striking!

I’m working on a new section on the blog for these guys, so stay tuned for more info and updates.

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