Spring for sure!

Today has been a most perfect day in every way. Spring is here, and you can definitely feel it in the air now. It's going to stick around now I think. With the temperature on the milder side, and plenty sunshine, today has been a perfect day for outside work. The first full day of being outside, … Continue reading

Almost seeding time

The ground is no longer covered in snow, and there are only some patches here and there left to melt. I'm sitting here taking tally of all my seeds, and can see I was very optimistic when I did my seed order. Looks like I'll have my hands full. There are also several new things that will be tested … Continue reading

Water tank modification

So I got the water tank, and all was well. However I thought a heating element would be appropriate since it does get pretty cold here. Hubby said maybe not necessary, it's inside, I doubt it'll freeze. Well, I got an element anyway, only I miscalculated the dimensions, and when it arrived it was … Continue reading

Water holding tank

For the longest time I have been thinking about getting a water holding tank, but hadn't quite decided yet on how to set it up. Rain barrels? Combination rain barrels and water tanks? Sometimes you can just over think a project, and you end up getting nothing done. I think hubby is sick of … Continue reading