Still work to be done

Even though I don't have any 4-legged friends in the barn currently, there is still plenty to be done. Had to put a new cat-back on the Ranger prior to emission, and that was quite the adventure. Otherwise this time of year, plenty to do outside. Fixing fences, … Continue reading

Felting Spree!

There are few things more fun than going in for a felting spree, and with that I mean having no plans on what to make or how it will come out. Me, no plans you ask? Yes, in this instance it's actually a blast having no plans. I just finished a quick project, and going in, I had no idea whatsoever … Continue reading

Felted items

Have finally had some time to test this out. I've used only second cuts, carded with hand-carders and also the drum-carder. Still testing out various thicknesses, and still don't have the science quite down, but getting there. It's a lot of fun. Have made a scarf, a pair of mittens and a pair of … Continue reading