Still work to be done

Even though I don't have any 4-legged friends in the barn currently, there is still plenty to be done. Had to put a new cat-back on the Ranger prior to emission, and that was quite the adventure. Otherwise this time of year, plenty to do outside. Fixing fences, … Continue reading

Spring is here!

Spring is finally here to stay it seems, after a loooong winter. I can't believe my last post was  "Happy New Year". Slacker! Well, rest assured I haven't been idle. It's been a very busy winter. Have gotten some interior projects out of the way, more on that later, re-organized the craft room, … Continue reading

Argentinian mini llamas

I am so very excited to have obtained these two magnificent mini llama males, Argentine Santiago and TFF Amore' Magnifico. Santi is full Argentine and Amore' is half Argentine. The reason I decided to go with Argentinians after some research, is because of several things. Their fiber is extremely … Continue reading

Friggjasetr is going all stud

After much contemplating, heartache and realizing I'm not a super human (boy does it suck having to admit that), I've decided to go "all stud", and put the main focus back on fiber again. This is why I've been missing in action, just trying to sort all this out mentally and practically. It's been … Continue reading

Fiber 3rd cut

I would like to do a shout out for 3rd cut fiber. All too often this is thrown out as not useful. Of course it depends how dirty it is, and if it's worth trying to wash it up. I've found the 3rds from my boys to be extremely useful for many projects. Also I'm lucky their very clean, and I do skirt … Continue reading