Ask anybody, and they'll probably tell you that skirting is a pain, and the least favorite part of fiber preparation. It's time consuming, tedious and seems to be a never ending story. I love skirting! There is something about it that can't really be explained, it's my meditation. You get up early … Continue reading

Shearing finally done

The last week I have been watching the weather like a hawk. Yesterday was shearing day, and can only be done if they're dry. I was hoping I didn't have to lock them up, as that makes them antsy. Friday night I put a gate in front of the barn entrance, so they couldn't get out, it looked like it … Continue reading


When I got back this year's yarn from the mill, and saw how Hercules' Lace came out, I got this big urge to weave. In my mind it is perfect for weaving, and I pictured this beautiful, shiny, light shawl. Now I haven't woven since I was a kid, and that was on a simple cardboard weave. I know … Continue reading

Alpaca/bamboo yarn

Last year's fiber blend was a typical alpaca/merino top blend, and for this year's fiber I wanted to do something a little different. I was very happy with how the alpaca/merino came out. It is a very lofty, soft yarn, perfect for any kind of garments. It has great memory, and drapes … Continue reading