Still work to be done

Even though I don't have any 4-legged friends in the barn currently, there is still plenty to be done. Had to put a new cat-back on the Ranger prior to emission, and that was quite the adventure. Otherwise this time of year, plenty to do outside. Fixing fences, … Continue reading


Why on earth would anybody want to start sprouting you might ask. We're not grazers after all. :-) Well, I've been sprouting for a little while now, and it seems with great success. I use the Sproutmaster, and really like it. It's easy to use and clean, and can easily be stacked with several trays … Continue reading

Alpaca mittens

This has been my "in front of the TV" project lately. With all this lovely yarn, I need to make something for myself as well, right? Not just for sale. I love these mittens. They came out just right. Nothing is better than being able to custom fit all fingers and length of the mitten. Perfect fit! … Continue reading

How time flies!

I can't believe we're getting close to X-mas already. A good thing we kinda opt out of the whole frenzy. This morning it was really cold, and the weather seems to becoming more seasonal again. Time to get the el-buckets out. What a life saver those are. It's also time to real in the water hoses, … Continue reading

Fiber 3rd cut

I would like to do a shout out for 3rd cut fiber. All too often this is thrown out as not useful. Of course it depends how dirty it is, and if it's worth trying to wash it up. I've found the 3rds from my boys to be extremely useful for many projects. Also I'm lucky their very clean, and I do skirt … Continue reading