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Alpaca mittens

This has been my “in front of the TV” project lately. With all this lovely yarn, I need to make something for myself as well, right? Not just for sale. I love these mittens. They came out just right. Nothing is better than being able to custom fit all fingers and length of the mitten. Perfect fit! These are made with 100% alpaca from beautiful Hercules. They are so soft, shiny and luxurious. Will have to be car mittens I think. Way to nice to use for outside work. 🙂

It’s also my first go with Photoshop Element. I caved in with the big Photoshop. It’s way to big a program for me to use as I can’t take advantage of all the features without a year long in depth course. 🙂 Element seems OK so far, though I haven’t really looked at all the different features yet, but it looks very user friendly so far.

How time flies!

I can’t believe we’re getting close to X-mas already. A good thing we kinda opt out of the whole frenzy. This morning it was really cold, and the weather seems to becoming more seasonal again. Time to get the el-buckets out. What a life saver those are. It’s also time to real in the water hoses, which means starting to carry water again. Oh well, it’s all part of the charm.
We finally finished cleaning up most of all the storm debris. Things look a little more tidy, especially having gotten rid of all the leaves as well now. I think that will be it of clean-up until spring. It looks so much nicer now than it did there for awhile.

Yesterday I took Whiskey back to his owner, and I have to say I was very sad to see him go. He has been such a great pleasure to have around, and if there was any way I could keep him I would. Right now I’m just not set up for having a buck around full time, unfortunately. I’m hoping that we got lucky with Trinity, as it looks like, but since she’s a first freshener I guess you just don’t really know till last minute, unless she comes back into heat. She should have been in heat already about a week or so ago, and luckily nothing happened, so fingers crossed. It’s frustrating not being able to be home during the day to observe what’s really going on, but at least I sighted one good go around. 🙂 Hoping for kidding mid-end April. I think Whiskey had a good time while he was here. Here he is hanging out in the buck pen. The girls made sure to keep him company. Especially Smiley and Tryggur while they were in heat. They layed by the fence line all day long. What teases they are.

All that remains now is a real good clean out of the buck pen to make it available to the others. I’m sure the girls, and the boys too, will miss him dearly.

With most of the clean up done after the storms, and Whiskey gone, there should be more time for more inside activities, i.e. crafting. I’ve managed to finish a couple of special orders, and working on another one. The last one should be done in not too long. After that I would really like to do some felting. What I’m going to make I haven’t quite decided yet, but the skies are the limit right? Makes it hard to choose when you have limited time.
Here are the two special orders I finished. Not great pictures, but you get the idea. I really love the cute baby hats. They’re adorable. The black cap was special order from a co-worker. He saw the baby hat and wanted something similar in black. I used Hercules’ 100% alpaca yarn, and it came out really nice. Pattern is self made. If I know the person I’m making something for, I really like to just make it up as I go along, to try to fit the person. It’s a fun way of doing it. Now I have started making notes as I go along, in case I want to make it again.


Sun if finally out, which means hopefully not as cold anymore. Planning on buckling up and getting out there for some cleaning and barn work. Have some other smaller stuff I need to get done as well.