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Happy Holidays and belated Winter Solstice

It’s been a long time since there’s been any updates. A lot of things have happened here lately, and will update with more info shortly. Have also been working on a stand alone shop for my products, which should be up and running in not too long. Stay tuned.
In the meantime I’d like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to come.



De-icing roof and gutters

This weekend I learned a rather painful lesson: when it snows as much as it been lately, remove the snow from the roofs before it gets a chance to freeze.
Yesterday we had some water leakage, went on the roof, removed some snow, and thought we had solved the problem. I also put some towels up in the attic where the water was coming in. It’s right where the addition is, so I’m thinking there might be some flashing missing somewhere, maybe between the roof and the side. Who knows. I just know that craftman ship isn’t always top notch, and short cuts are taken a lot of times. Anyways, we thought the problem was solved.

This morning when I got up I found a huge puddle on the kitchen floor, right under a light fixture. I guess you could say it’s a good thing there was an opening there so the water had somewhere to go, avoiding having the whole freaking sealing come down. Well I cleaned that up and put up some buckets, cause it was dripping pretty good. Then I went on with my usual morning routine, trying to check various things on the internet. Turned out we had no internet connection. While trying to restart everything, in my husband office, I heard this suspicious sound, kinda like a dripping sound. I was looking and looking but couldn’t find anything. Nothing showed in the ceiling or walls. Then I started looking at the windows and sure enough, one of them was dripping pretty good. I put up some towels to try to catch the brunt of it, and by this time I’m freaking out. We have to get on the roof and do something. Not quite sure what exactly, but something. So out we went. Hubby was clearing the lower part of the roof to make room so I could be a monkey and sit ice picking. There was sooo much ice built up and right at the end of the roof the water was just collecting, without having a place to go, other than in I guess. 🙂 So we started picking the ice to at least give some downward path for the water to go. The ice must have been 10 inches thick. So with chisel, screwdriver and hammer in hand, I started picking away.

I of course had hoped we would get it all done today, but with 3 roofs to do, and all the ice, forget that. We’re done for the day. Sitting crouched like that for hours really takes it’s toll on both back and forearms. My forearms are numb right now. At this point I don’t care if we get more water inside. I have plenty buckets. We’ll have to finish little by little. They say more snow and ice on Tuesday/Wednesday. Hopefully it won’t be much.

Hubby is completely ready to move to a city in an apartment at the moment. Hopefully that desire won’t last long, though I can’t say I blame him. I don’t mind it so much, but he doesn’t like it at all.

Here’s some pics of the lovely ice gutters.

This whole thing really put a wrench in the wheel for all my plans today. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, and the day isn’t quite over yet.