De-icing roof and gutters

This weekend I learned a rather painful lesson: when it snows as much as it been lately, remove the snow from the roofs before it gets a chance to freeze. Yesterday we had some water leakage, went on the roof, removed some snow, and thought we had solved the problem. I also put some towels up in … Continue reading

Dingo and his skin condition

As you know I've been working with a great homeopathic vet, Dr. Jeff Feinman, with Dingo and his skin condition. It's a slow and at times frustrating process. He is doing better though. Right now we're working with Pulsatilla 6C and he has responded well to that. However there still seem to be some … Continue reading

Hercules update

The results are in for both the bloodwork and fecals. The fecals I was pretty sure were going to be clean, and they were. They always are. :-) The bloodwork we thought might show lower protein levels, but it came back normal. That's great news, but at the same time it leaves us somewhat guessing. … Continue reading