Fiber 3rd cut

I would like to do a shout out for 3rd cut fiber. All too often this is thrown out as not useful. Of course it depends how dirty it is, and if it’s worth trying to wash it up. I’ve found the 3rds from my boys to be extremely useful for many projects. Also I’m lucky their very clean, and I do skirt them to make sure. I know, I know, some of you out there are screaming “are you insane, skirting 3rds”.

Here are some things you can use it for: needle felting, regular wet felting (depending on length of fiber and project) pillow stuffing, stuffing for toys.
One of my customers was nice enough to send some pics of what she used it for. And this bonnet is adorable, you just have to see.

Is that not the most beautiful bonnet you have seen? So cozy and soft. Elyssa actually tied every lock to the bonnet, and it worked like a charm. What a great idea!
You can check out Elyssa’s FB page here
There really are so many beautiful items. Thanks for sharing the pics Elyssa!!

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