Friggjasetr is going all stud

After much contemplating, heartache and realizing I’m not a super human (boy does it suck having to admit that), I’ve decided to go “all stud”, and put the main focus back on fiber again.
This is why I’ve been missing in action, just trying to sort all this out mentally and practically. It’s been a mix of extreme sadness, extreme joy, and everything in between. I have realized this kidding season, that I get too attached to the kids. No matter how much I’ve tried to prepare, and tell myself not to get too attached, I just can’t help myself. Having to let them go just tears me apart.
Add that to the new longer commute, and not having much time for milking and using the milk the way I had planned, the decision just had to be made.
Once the decision was finalized, it was just a matter of finding new homes, and finding the fiber animals I want.

I have to say I have been extremely lucky finding very good new homes for the girls. They’re all very well taken care of and loved, and local, so I get to visit and see them grow. Trinity and Tryggur ended up going with their girls, which was great. They have been gone for awhile now, and it’s only Smiley and her girls left with the boys. I also sold Gjallar, as I had two beautiful sons from him that I will keep.
As a breeder, I would say it’s crazy having sold them, as they’re all top notch animals in every way. Be that as it may, I will still have my boys. For someone that started out with plans of not keeping any bucks, has now turned into that’s all I’ll have.  One thing is selling the girls, but the boys… oh the boys there is no way I’m giving up. I’m not quite sure what the attraction is. They’re stinky and filthy during the rut, but I don’t mind. They are my buddies in a different way than the girls. They’re also not high maintenance like the girls are. That’s not to say they’re not taken well care of. They get the same care as the girls, but they’re not in “nagging heat” once a month, and there is no “special care and feeding for pregnancy” to worry about. I will for sure miss that too, as that whole process is extremely fascinating. I’ve caught myself several times already thinking of who will be bred to who.

Smiley and the girls are going on a long trip end of next week. They will get a great new home in Virginia. I’ve been getting ready for and planning this trip for awhile now. Truck needed to be updated and fixed to be safe for trailering, trailer is booked, so the last bit is just making sure I have everything on my lists checked off.

When in Virginia, I’ll bring back some amazing mini llamas, 2 beautiful intact males, one Argentinian and one half Argentinian, both with very good bloodlines. More on this later, once the trip is over and done with.

I’m hoping for an uneventful trip, without any mishaps with the “old clunker”. I’m hoping it will show it’s Ford Tough! Planning on taking off Friday early morning or late night, depending on the weather.

More later, stay tuned….

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  1. Lisa U.

    With empathy for the difficult decisions you’ve had to make, I’m also very excited for you in the transformation of your beautiful oasis. Looking forward to future updates, and best wishes on your Virginia adventure!

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