Interview with Austin at This is Homesteady

When you’re involved in small scale farming and homesteading, chances are you will bump into some incredible individuals, and I was lucky to cross paths with Austin and Kendra, and their beautiful kids, from Squash Hollow Farm in New Milford. Some years ago now, they bought some goats from me, and we have stayed in touch since then.
They have a beautiful small farm up in New Milford, on Squash Hollow Rd, where they grow food, raise animals and even hold various classes. I took one of their “how to properly butcher a chicken” class, and loved it. Austin is a great teacher, and after going through that class I’m very confident properly butchering a chicken, something I wasn’t sure I could never do. I’ve also bought some delicious pasture raised pork meat from them.
In addition to being a homesteader/farmer, Austin also enjoy doing podcasts, and has a very successful website/podcast channel for this. Whether that is the correct terminology, I don’t know, I’m not a “techie” in that way. đŸ™‚

Early last winter Austin had asked if he could do an interview with me, to talk about holistic/natural care for animals, and of course I was more than happy to spread the word on that, since it’s something that is very important to me. I had made my notes and gone through some general herbs that’s useful for most livestock. Happily I went on my way up to Squash Hollow Farm, eager to do something new.
When I got there, and saw the set up he had in his basement, I was blown away. I already knew he was a “Jack of all trades”, but this I had not expected. Very impressed!
After having set up mics etc (which took some time to adjust to my voice) we were ready to go. I kinda have to laugh thinking back on it. There I was in a comfy chair, mic right next to mouth more or less, and notes in my lap on some generally useful herbs and how they work.
As we start talking, and Austin asking questions, the interview slowly but surely takes a different turn than we expected. It was a completely natural progression, but when we were done we were both laughing as it was unexpected. Have to go with the flow right? So the natural/holistic remedies interview will be for another day. Below you can listen to the interview if so desired.
I have put up links to their farm website, This is Homesteady webpage and FB page. Check them out. There is a wealth of information there.

Interview with Austin @ Homesteady
FB page for This Is Homesteady
Homesteady webpage
Squash Hollow Farm

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