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5/7/13: We’re done with the kidding for the season, and in the process of deciding who is staying and who will be sold. Stay tuned for updates, and also check out Frigg’s Goats

3/9/12: Trinity is for sure pregnant, and getting very wide. She also started making her udder. First freshener, will be exciting to see where this takes us. She should be due early/mid April if my calculations are correct, and she took the time I think she did.

7/31/11: After much debating and thinking, we have finally decided to get started with Nigerian Dwarf goats. For more information check out the goat page. We’re picking them up Aug 20-21.

1/18/11: Since I’m very fond of herbs and botanicals, I have decided to share anything that I make for myself, whether it’s dried flowers
or potpourri. There might also be an occasional lib balm every now and then. I realize there’s a mix here, and it might not be a good idea
to mix too many things together, but why not? This is what I do and love, so I want to share it all. 🙂

10/9/10 This years fleeces are sent to the mill, and should be back in time for X-mas shopping hopefully. This year we have some exciting new blends, alpaca/bamboo 80/20, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I also have Pan’s fleece which is a beautiful brown/grey color. We will also have socks and some luxurious rugs. Stay tuned for when it’s posted up for sale.

The yarn is finally in and I will post it up for sale today. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

We now have farm fresh eggs available most times, from happy, healthy and free range chickens. Delicious  brown eggs. Once you’ve tried them, you can never go back to store bought.

house17.jpg scratch02.jpg fjos40.jpg

We currently have some raw alpaca fleece available. It’s second cuts, but still great for felting or blending for other projects.
Shop right here at the Shopping Page or visit us at Friggjasetr at Etsy.

Hercules’s fleece is black with no color contamination.

harpoon01.jpg herculesfleece01.jpg

Zeus’s fleece is light fawn.

zeus02.jpg zeusefleece01.jpg

Solomon’s fleece is white and quite crimpy. This is his yearling fleece.

solomon01.jpg solomonfleece01.jpg

Alpaca manure is lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other barnyard livestock, but still has enough to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content allows alpaca manure to be spread directly onto plants without burning them. It is the decomposition of organic matter content of the manure that indicates their efficient digestion system.
We have limited amount of manure for local pick-up.

We’re now listed under the Local Harvest website, which is a great site for local farm produce. Please visit us here.


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