Friggjasetr is going all stud

After much contemplating, heartache and realizing I'm not a super human (boy does it suck having to admit that), I've decided to go "all stud", and put the main focus back on fiber again. This is why I've been missing in action, just trying to sort all this out mentally and practically. It's been … Continue reading

Nigerian dwarf goats for sale

It's been really busy lately, and I'm behind on more things than I care to mention. The weather has been extremely variable, from almost frost at night to 80 degrees. Seems there will be no transition this spring. Just a harsh jump into summer. I've started the process of thinking through the … Continue reading

Tryggur got triplets!

Monday night Tryggur finally gave birth! For a first birth, it ended up being a difficult one, with all 3 breeched, and I needed to assist. I don't like having to assist, especially their first time. However sometime you don't have a choice. First in line was a beautiful buckling. He was barely … Continue reading

Smiley and the twins

Smiley and the twins are doing really well. They're growing and thriving, and have everybody on their toes, even Fulla. Fulla is getting used to having little ones running around, and everybody seems happy. Mom has plenty milk and has picked up real nice after the birth. Here they are, just over … Continue reading