Planning for spring, sowing and planting

Planning for spring can never be started too early. It’s somewhat of a quiet time of year, and with a couple of days off, it’s perfect for planning and catching up on other stuff.
I have spent hours this morning deciding on which herbs to order and plant. I’m working on improving the pasture, and also planning on making somewhat of an herb hedge if you want. This will be perfect for the goats. They can munch on all kinds of goodies.

Last year I started improving the pasture by tilling and adding a lot of organic matter, self composted manure, nothing better. I’ve started with patches, as there is no way I have time to do it all in one go. Also I’m not set up yet to permanently move the animals away from the real fenced in area for a longer period of time. No shelter, yet, on the other side of the driveway. So little my little we’ll get everything as good as gold.

This fall I seeded some Dairy Pasture Mix, and Herbal Pasture mix, that I got from  Peaceful Valley. Have always had good success with their seeds and combos. It looked like it got well established prior to the winter, so will be interesting to see come spring how well it does.

For my herbal hedge/area I have ordered the following: Balm, Borage, Dill, Fennel, Hyssop, Marjoram, Vervain, Wormwood, Comfrey, Chicory. Thyme, Sage, Lavender and Sunflower. I’m also getting some barley, oats and alfalfa. To make a real hedge, that could work as fencing, I’m looking at Hawthorns, Sloe, Blackthorn, Carb-apple and some honeysuckle and bryon to intertwine. But that’s still in research process.

I will make a more elaborate post, or maybe an article or two about why I have chosen the different herbs, but for right now, this will have to do. I also have a sprouting kit on order, to see how it will work by adding some sprouted seeds to my new feed formula, which by now, everybody loves. I took my time switching over to avoid any upsets, and it went without a hitch. Still in the process of refining the blend, which I suspect might change depending on needs, i.e. season and whether pregnant or not.

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