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We finally have our own online shop. Head on over to see what’s available. Request for custom items are always welcome, but please keep in mind time constraints, and give plenty time depending on what it is. Due to busy schedule we might not always be able to accomodate your needs.

FriggsMarket Online

2 thoughts on “FriggsMarket/Online store

  1. Friggjasetr

    Hello and thanks for your interest. Please note right now I cannot take any custom orders until I have finished some on my list. Once I start taking orders again I will make a note here.
    I can make/knit anything you want. Do you have a particular pattern in mind? I will send you an E-mail with some more questions. Also right now yarn stock is running low, but should have more at end of this month. There will be a very exciting tweet worsted weights with different colors, 3-ply with one ply from each of the boys’ color.

  2. Genie

    Hello. I would like to know if your eco yarns company make or sell any Thick,hooded sweaters, with the ‘kangaroo’ pockets, which allow both hands to pass through from their respective sides of the blouse, and meet in the middle- inside the pockets? These are very warm, and of use to me. Solids colors or verticle stripes on body of garment are preferred. You may email me with your response to this question.

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