Spring for sure!

Today has been a most perfect day in every way. Spring is here, and you can definitely feel it in the air now. It’s going to stick around now I think. With the temperature on the milder side, and plenty sunshine, today has been a perfect day for outside work. The first full day of being outside, working, getting the hands dirty, using a winter tired body, is the most refreshing thing. You feel like a completely new person, even though you’re tired to the bones.
It’s been a good day for spring cleaning in the barn, and I spent pretty much all day doing that. I don’t know how many trips with the wheel barrel I did, but it was a lot. All old bedding out, put down some lime and DE, and some new straw and we’re good to go. I’m so glad I got a chance to do it before the kidding starts, so the kids can get a “fresh” start.

Yesterday I got a call that the baby chicks were ready to be picked up, so was busy with that. Had everything ready, and it was just a matter of heating up their box, then went and picked them up. They all seem healthy and happy, and are getting used to the routines around here. I got a new breed this time around, Speckled Sussex, and am very excited to see how they’ll turn out. They’re beautiful hardy birds. The other breeds are the ones I always get, Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks and Silverlaced Wyandottes. For some reason they just work, and I really love them.

1 day old, and will grow like weed!

As I was getting the chicks situated, I saw some scrap material I had laying around, I decided to make some more room in the feed room. After some measurements, cutting and screws, I ended up with a couple of perfect benches for the goats. One for the girls and one for the boys. They like to things to lounge and jump on.

Perfect for getting on the roof! You know it, little miss "know it all" took ownership right away!

On Monday we start counting days till Smiley is due, and keeping an extra eye on her. April is going to be a very exciting month around here, with plenty healthy kids let’s hope.

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