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Waiting game

They say patience is a virtue, and I’m definitely getting that “muscle” exercised these last couple of days.
Trinity was due yesterday, but still no action. She seems to be ready to go at any minute, but so far is holding out on me. I figured I might as well make a quick post instead of restlessly phasing back and forth to the barn.
Last night was very cold, with frost again, and so it is this morning. No wonder she is holding out on me. I wouldn’t want to “pop” either with this cold.
She was on the later side last year as well, so not worried yet. Everything seems to be fine, she’s just picking her moment.

Smiley is doing very well with her twins. She’s a great mom, and has plenty of milk for them. They are happy and healthy, and driving the rest of the girls nuts. Especially Fulla, who has been the baby until now. She’s not too crazy about that not being the case anymore, although she is very sweet to them. It will be interesting to see how she reacts once her mom gives birth. Should be a good learning lesson for her. Mom is locked up in the kidding pen now, so there hopefully won’t be too much separation anxiety. They still lay next to each other.

Tryggur is also very pregnant, but not due until between mid next week and end of month. She was bred several times, as she seemed to be coming back into heat, and the boys were still interested after the first breeding. From the looks of it, the first breeding might have taken. She’s very heavy, and is starting to have a hard time moving around. She likes to hang out, outside in her corner, especially if the sun is out.
I am very impressed with her first udder. It looks gorgeous!! Will see if I can get a picture of it before she freshens. If everything else is as perfect as that, I could not ask for more. She might very well be my best doe. She’s strong in every way, and has a wonderful temperament. And now I feel bad for saying that, as the others are also very good. I don’t know why, but she does have a special spot in my heart.

It’s also time to start thinking about which ones will stay and which ones could be for sale. I have to keep a small flock, and will have to muster every single once of strength not to keep them all. I still have plenty time to think. Not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing, as it is quite gut wrenching.

A very good friend sent me a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day; Mary Oliver’s Why I Wake Early. I have some to treasure these poems tremendously, and keep the book on the kitchen table, to read a poem every morning. This is one of my favorites:

Why I Wake Early
Hello, sun in my face.
Hello, you who make the morning
and spread it over the fields
and into the faces of the tulips
and the nodding morning glories,
and into the windows of, even, the
miserable and the crotchety –

best preacher that ever was,
dear star, that just happens
to be where you are in the universe
to keep us from ever-darkness,
to ease us with warm touching,
to hold us in the great hands of light –
good morning, good morning, good morning.

Watch, now, how I start the day
in happiness, in kindness.


Home sweet home

It’s always nice to travel, but nothing is like coming back home. This last trip was too long, and it wasn’t a good idea to combine business and a trip home.
I now know why I was so stressed out before the trip: the flights ended up a nightmare. I had London as a hub, flying in and out of, and both flights going through there were cancelled due to weather. It gave me an extra day in Athens, but I had to skip the day in the London office.  Oh well, live and learn. London this time of year is iffy. It doesn’t take much for Heathrow to close down when it comes to snow and wind.

Anyways, hubby and the rest of the gang were happy to see me back. My dearest had done an excellent job taking care of my babies, but was happy to have me take over again.
The boys in particular, were happy to see me. They were so cute. Dancing around, jumping and pluddering, wanting plenty TLC. They didn’t have to ask twice. 🙂
The girls were more measured and ladylike. Smiley is very pregnant. I don’t know how big she’ll end up getting by the time she delivers. She’s huge already.

I’m still in catch up mode on everything, both at home and at work. Work has been crazy, which means even less time for getting in order with things at home. Little by little I’ll get back on track and sorted.

Then there’s the taxes. Yeah, we all know what that means. It’s not my favorite thing to get organized.

While I was away all my blogs/websites were hacked and closed down. I hate when that happens. Have try to do some tweaks and fixes, so hopefully it won’t happen again. God I wish I was a computer wizard with more time on my hands.

Stay tuned. More to come as we go along.