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The most beautiful kids

Everybody say they have the most beautiful, adorable kids. Of course they do, why wouldn’t they? Well, so do I, only mine are 4-legged. 🙂

I brought my camera when I went down to fill the water tank earlier today. It’s always a hassle to get good pictures of the gang, because they always come for snuggles. Too close for good pictures. Today I managed to get a couple of good ones (well, in my book anyway).

I don’t know what it is with me and these boys, and gals (but have a soft spot for the boys), I so adore them, and they are the most beautiful beings. 🙂

I'm the handsome one!

I’m the handsome one!

Me cheeky?? Never!! I'm cute enough to melt your heart a thousand times.

Me cheeky?? Never!! I’m cute enough to melt your heart a thousand times.

The handsome one!

The handsome one!

Tell me they’re not adorable!! 🙂

We have a winter advisory in effect here until tomorrow AM, and it’s started to come down now. Sure glad I got that water tank filled in time. What a hassle that would have been in the snow.
I have to admit I love these winter inside days, to just futsy around and catch up on things. No rush getting a godzillion things done outside.
So here I sit, with my fir candle light, enjoying the scent and the sight.