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Nigerian dwarf goats for sale

It’s been really busy lately, and I’m behind on more things than I care to mention. The weather has been extremely variable, from almost frost at night to 80 degrees. Seems there will be no transition this spring. Just a harsh jump into summer.

I’ve started the process of thinking through the goats, who to keep and who will have to go. I have to keep it small and manageable. Already as it is, I don’t have nearly enough time to do as much milking as I want, and will look to sell the 3 does I have in milk. Some of the kids are for sale, some are staying. Some of them are still under debate, and not decided yet.
Take a look at Frigg’s Goats to see what’s available. They are tested CAE free, and are dual registered with AGS and ADGA.
Don’t be shy asking questions or get in touch. I’ll be happy to help you out any way I can.
The does in milk can be shown, as they are disbudded. The kids are all horned.

Smiley twins Trin trips Tryggur girls