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Tryggur got triplets!

Monday night Tryggur finally gave birth! For a first birth, it ended up being a difficult one, with all 3 breeched, and I needed to assist. I don’t like having to assist, especially their first time. However sometime you don’t have a choice.
First in line was a beautiful buckling. He was barely breathing when he came out, and unfortunately, after much efforts by myself and hubby, he didn’t make it. I don’t think he was meant to be. He was smaller than the girls, and I think there must have been too much pressure on him the way they were situated before being born.
All in all it ended well. The girls were big and healthy, and mom was so brave and patient. She is a wonderful mom with an extremely nice udder with plenty milk. The girls are doing fine, and so is mom. She picked up incredibly quick all things considered.

They’re all milling together now, and having a great time. Of course Smiley’s twins are the bosses, since they are older. Each morning is a hoot, with ready to roll kids running around like crazy.

Here is my beautiful Tryggur with her beautiful girls.

We’re done with the kidding for this season. All in all it went well, and we got some beautiful kids. Gjallar sired 2 sets of triplets, and Baldur a set of twin doelings. That’s my boys!!

Smiley and the twins

Smiley and the twins are doing really well. They’re growing and thriving, and have everybody on their toes, even Fulla. Fulla is getting used to having little ones running around, and everybody seems happy. Mom has plenty milk and has picked up real nice after the birth.

Here they are, just over 2 weeks, hanging out with mom in the nice weather.