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The trip to Virginia went pretty well. The girls traveled very well on the way down, and we had no issues. The only thing I hadn’t thought of was tolls. With the truck being a tad “iffy” I decided to take the shortest route, i.e. I-95 with the turnpikes. We actually ended up spending more money on tolls than in gas. Little did I know. NJ Turnpike topped the list with $42.75 each way. I call that highway robbery. God only knows what the semis pay.

Anyway, we got there safe and sound, after about 12 hours drive (no more than 55 miles/hr hauling with the truck. I must have pissed a lot of people off I think).
Boy was I impressed with The Fuzzy Farm. You really have to check this place out. Gayle and Rich are wonderful people, and they take such good care of their animals. They took really good care of us as well. We had a very nice meal, and some amazing chocolate covered goat cheese truffles. Gayle is a wizard with so many things. You have to check out her hand carved gourds as well. Absolutely stunning! They grow them on the farm, and she carves them. And she makes a wonderful goat milk cream/lotion.
The girls settled in right away, and I’m so happy they have found a great home. They will for sure love it there.

fuzzyfarm13_03 fuzzyfarm13_04 readying05

I’m so thankful to Gayle for trusting me with 2 of her most beautiful male mini llamas. One is full Argentine, and one is half Argentine. They are both stunning, and I’ll have to write a separate post to introduce them.
The boys traveled very well on our way back. However the truck started having some issues. Halfway up the NJ Turnpike I thought the whole under carriage was gonna come off. A lot of metal clanking noises, and it sounded like bits and pieces were falling off at times. I stopped several times to try and find what was going on, but didn’t find anything loose underneath. So ended up with the mantra “take me home please” “just get me home”.

Luckily we got home Sunday morning. After “unpacking” the boys, and the rest of the truck, I had to find out what was going on with the truck (no time for catching up on sleep yet) as I had to redeliver the trailer Monday morning before 0900AM.
Most of the sound seemed to be coming from the left rear wheel, so off it came for further inspection. I found a lot of bits and pieces jammed between the rotor and back plate, which would explain some of the noise. I got it all out, put the wheel back on, and hoped that was it.
The next morning taking off for redelivery, there were still some noises however, although not as bad. I got the trailer redelivered, and then proceeded straight to the mechanics I use.
I brought the pieces I pulled out, and when they saw it they wouldn’t let me drive anywhere until further inspection. They checked and found the emergency brakes loose and completely distorted. Off they came. I don’t use them anyway. Not going to spend money on something I don’t use. Will check them, and probably remove them from the right rear wheel as well.

All in all the trip went OK. At least the animals traveled well, and we didn’t have any flats or emergencies. And through it all, I had the best hubby in the world by my side. I think the trip pretty much got the best of him, but he stuck it out. He didn’t really want to go in the first place, can’t blame him, but he didn’t want me to go alone either, so he came. Thank god! I was very grateful to have him there. Hubby, you rock!!
I’m very excited to have these precious boys, and they seem to be settling in very well. Yesterday they met the rest of the gang, and now they all mingle together very well.

The barn is now “all testosterone” and I can’t wait for the fiber next spring. These guys have amazing fiber!!

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